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  • What does the school teach?

    At Roger's Online Plumbing School, Roger Wakefield himself will teach you everything you need to become the best plumber possible. Even if you're not a plumber yet, Roger's courses will benefit you by teaching you what to expect on your first few days, and some skills that'll put you ahead of other plumbers in your company. If you're already a plumber, Roger's advanced courses will teach how to earn more money as a plumber, become a better plumber, and take advantage of more opportunities within plumbing to give you a better life through plumbing.

  • What kind of cirriculum are in the courses?

    Since plumbing is an ever-evolving industry, the courses will reflect that. There's so many lessons to be taught, Roger and his team will be regularly updating and adding to the school's cirriculum to keep student on top of their game.

  • What if I don't like the course?

    In case a student finds the school's content dissatisfactory, Roger's Online Plumbing School will issue a 30-day money back guarantee and also a way to leave feedback to allow us to make changes to better suit students in the future.